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Monthly Billing / Invoicing

Monthly billing is a task often dreaded by the business owner or operator.  We can
help make the process a little less painful by performing the monthly invoicing.  Once
your company is set up in our system, monthly billing becomes a lot easier.  You still
have total control over the specifics and amounts, but the work is minimal for you.  
Prices for this service start at $100/month, depending on the size of your business.

Management & Bill Pay

We have some clients who like us to handle a little more of their business.  In this
case, a bank account is set up for expenses and income of the business.  All bills are
sent directly to us and we make payments from the bank account after the bills are
approved by the client - so you still control everything.  Reports can be generated at
any point in time to see how your business is doing.  Prices for this service start at
$250/month, based on the number of vendors, etc.

Let us make your life a little easier!

"We have been using
Hoosier Hoofprints to
generate our shipping
invoices for some
time now.  It is great!  I
used to hand-write all
the bills.  Now, I just
e-mail a shipping log
about once a month.  
We receive a list of
open invoices to know
what has been billed.  
I would recommend
this service to anyone
running a business."
- Merv Chupp, Chupp
Equine Transport, Inc.

"Hoosier Hoofprints
manages our entire
stable in the US.  Bills
are faxed for approval
and then they write the
checks.  Very
- David
Wolter, Standardbred
Owner, Netherlands
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