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Hoosier Hoofprints
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Who are we?

Hoosier Hoofprints was established in 1997.  It is a family run business, operated by The
Ruddick's in southern Indiana.  Today, Stacey Ruddick handles most of the activities.

How did we get started?

One of our first roles was producing a monthly newsletter for a local horsemen's
organization in the state of Indiana.  As time passed, we no longer produced the publication,
but there was still a demand for a central location to allow those involved in Indiana harness
racing to come for information.  Hoosier Hoofprints became that hub, hosting the information.

What do we do?

Today, Hoosier Hoofprints has branched out into a number of areas.  We still offer news
coverage, but so much more!  We produce advertisements throughout the year, with the
highest demand being for stallions.  We also create Web sites and handle the
administrative tasks for several businesses.  We also take care of the management of
stallion syndicates.  In addition, we handle the staking of horses for a number of clients.
This area is growing each year!
Hoosier Hoofprints
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